Oh Valencia!

June 24, 2007

The car has brakes again. Happy days! Happy days? Yes?

Err. Wrong answer.

The car no longer shakes like the haunted when decelerating, but unfortunately I had left the uneven rotors on for so long that my CV joints are all out of wack. This in turn will cause the ball joints to eventually become shot, and this will in turn wreck my transmission. That will force me to sell the car and get another one.

So instead of being sensible and borrowing a car for the trip I will be taking down to Midland for my stunning fiancee’s 21st birthday, I will be taking my own. The near 40mpg I get in the car is too good of a deal to pass up.

CV joints will cost me around 40 bucks for each, and a case of beer for the installation (in comparison, entirely new brakes cost about 90 bucks plus an Aloha Burger and chips and queso at Applebees). I’ll be getting around to this sometime in the middle of the month I believe.

Aquarium update? Well, I have plants in it, though they are not the greenest. Some are dying off, but for the most part, they are staying pretty verdant. I need to trim some of the dead leaves off of the anachris and valis, and make sure that what I believe to be a yeast spill into the tank from my DIY CO2 fermenter setup doesnt get too bad. This means about a 90-100% water change.

I also need to cycle the tank a bit with some fish. I’ll be going with some cheap guppies (not feeder guppies) and seeing if I can breed any successfully before I hit an ammonia spike (which I am bound to get with my luck).

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