Silly Server, Tricks are for Floosys…

June 24, 2007

Sadly, every time the submit server does down it does so when I have about 100 tracks to submit from my iPod. And each time it comes back up, it gives me a hard time about how my tracks can’t be submitted because they are older than the more recent tracks submitted, which is false.

Oh well, I suppose.

7am: Wake up
8am: Copper Country class
9:30-12:30pm: Study for final Project Management exam
12:30-2pm: Final Project Management exam
2-3:30pm: Economic Decision Analysis
3:30-6pm: Flock work
6pm-?: Fishing on the Portage? Maybe?

Went trolling for northern pike today for the first time, and man, pike are amazing fish! They are unlike bass or trout by a long shot. Sharp teeth angled backwards, and a fighting spirit all the way!

I caught only one today, but it was an 18-20 incher, which is fine by me! Sadly, my camera was in the car, so no pictures of it. The minimum size for a pike for catch and keep is 24″. Apparently, the folks next to us caught a 30 incher.

A second passes by, yet nothing changes

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