June 26, 2007

I’m really jiving to Everlong right now by the Foo Fighters. I have a bit of a theory why I love this song, but I’m wondering if it is because I am fighting my eyelids for control.

I am getting (kinda) back in to a sleep routine. I’ll probably fail this morning, and succeed Wednesday and DEFINITELY on Thursday. Then, next week I will switch over to waking at 10am every day for class beginning at 11 and running til 12:30.

What I have left to do for the week:

Tuesday: Go to class, read up on concepts and get a cheat sheet ready for exams
Wednesday: Go to class, Case paper due in Project Management, possible exam in Economic Decision Analysis. Finish Project Management MSProject assignment. Go home. Read through Copper Country material.
Thursday: Copper Country final at 8am. Hopefully, EDA exam was on Wednesday, and I will be home free to head to Midland to see my lovely!
Friday: Wake up, noticing that Jill is at work. Flock work until she returns, and then take her out for her birthday dinner, followed by drinks at Oscars with Andrew and Alexa.
Saturday: Head out to Saginaw in the morning, and reserve the reception hall! W to the OOT!
Sunday: Assuming my car is working, possibly head back to Houghton. Might stay through Monday if circumstances align properly.

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