Oh Boy

June 28, 2007

Sleep cycle = Messed up!

Been trying to sleep for the past hour, cant come close. Exam in 6.5 hours.


6:30am – Wake up, showe
6:45am – Begin reading several chapters for Copper Country final
7:55am – Copper Country final
9:30am – Begin last minute studying for Economic Decision Analysis final
12:00pm – Finish MSProject assignment for Project Management
2:00pm – EDA final
3:30pm – Quickly pack and hit the road
11pm-1am – Arrive in Midland. Happy

Episode 2 of the podcast is going up. We’ll be taking up Jon Homan’s offer for hosting and bandwidth shortly I believe. Used Skype for the podcast, worked well, though there are some funky things that go on occasionally (I am recorded earlier than others, so I respond to questions that havent been asked yet, etc).

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