Joints and Dampers

June 29, 2007

There is a definite vibration in my car constantly now. This is caused by one of several things (that I believe could be diagnosed)

  1. Old, loose, distorted dynamic damper. As mentioned on Car Talk a few weeks back, sometimes this thing just gets old and oblong and starts to swing freely, sliding around and slapping the CV boot. If this is the case, one can simple hacksaw the piece off, and there really shouldn’t be much problem
  2. Worn, old CV joint. This is most likely the cause, and it is also probably my fault for not getting around to replacing the warped brake rotors sooner. This will set me back about 200 bucks to get it done this weekend so I can get back to Houghton for class next week.
  3. Tire rim may be bent. I doubt it.
  4. Ball joints are bad (not causing vibration, but contributing to issue). Also kinda doubt it, but my car does tend to drift more now. The drift may also be a CV issue.

Not sure. In any case, I am actually taking it to Executive Auto in Midland to get it checked out and fixed up. Hopefully by tomorrow at that.

My loverly is now 21! Let the champagne flow!

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