360 Days to Go

July 31, 2007

I’m like a freakin chick; I’m counting down the days intently now. At 360 to go. Stupid leap year added a day šŸ˜‰

I am really glad that I was able to make it to Jill’s brother’s wedding. It was absolutely amazing on so many levels. For once I was connected to the head table, and as a result I was able to get to see a lot more of what goes on. And obviously get a lot of ideas for our wedding.

The church was stunning. The ceremony was equally amazing. The reception was great as well.

There are a lot of things that happened that I will go in to more detail upon in a later post. I will say that the last song of the night was awesome. There were maybe 25 of us left, and the DJ put on “Piano Man” and we all got in a circle, arms around each other, and sang. One of the most memorable moments of any event I have been to.

Perhaps I will elaborate on my plans for the wedding tomorrow.

Bottled the beer today at FSG 1.015 with an OSG of 1.038, which puts the alcohol content at a measly three percent (ish). Our next beer (which may or may not be started tomorrow) will be fermented to a lower specific gravity to raise ABV, and will also be much hoppier (the current brew is not as bitter as I would have preferred). The brew I churned out tastes like an English pale ale (or Strong English Bitter) should taste. It will be bottle conditioned for a minimum of two weeks to carbonate and smooth out the flavor. I probably won’t break the first bottle out until after my final in three weeks, but if the uncarbonated version is any indication (which I’m sure it’s not), it will taste ridiculously good for a first brew.

Video editing has confounded me all day. It’s like my camera just won’t communicate with the computer anymore. It was working perfectly last week in Windows and Ubuntu, and now it works in neither. Grrr….

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Hooray! I got to spend the evening with Jill today, and it was a fine negative anniversary. We debated getting some (extremely) cheap champagne or some awesome beer to celebrate, but instead we just got some nice sparkling fruit water and relaxed together.

Twitter-izing from my phone seems to be working well.Ā  Save for the fact that there was about two hours of the ride where I did not have service.

Working on budgeting this upcoming month. I wouldn’t mind one of the schnazzy new WordPress tees, but I also wouldn’t mind paying the utilities this month. Or eating.Ā  Somewhere in there I also have to provide enough gas to get me down to Kansas City and back at the end of the month.

Currently sitting on 80 bucks to live on, and I still have to get home Sunday.

Pictures and video (yes, video) when I return to the wonderful north.


July 25, 2007

If you somehow stumbled upon this teeny blog wondering who answers Flock support email, howdy. If you’re wondering why I haven’t been too prompt this week, the short answer is that I have been busy getting myself all set for graduation this spring, which may mean a rejiggering of my fall semester. I think I have things set now, so I’ll be pounding the emails again all next week. I would love to get to them this weekend, but I must go downstate for my loverly fiancee’s brother’s wedding. Darn, free food and beer and champagne, what am I to do?

Not sure about updates. Check my Twitter page out, might update it via cellphone.

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July 25, 2007

After a full year, I finally caught a scorpion in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Just cracked out the game tonight for a few minutes and there it was.

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Gotta Catch ‘em All!

July 24, 2007

From Penny Arcade today. I really like the letter, and it makes even me smile to read it. All the innocence of a child.

Background: Gabe went to a Pokemon tournament after raising all his Pokemon according to strategy and guides and charts. He showed up to the tourney to find a ton of little kids, and decided it would be better not to enter because it just wouldnt be fair to the kids; it would ruin the fun. He almost backed out, until a loudmouth teen started bragging about how awesome he was and how he was going to smoke all the little kids. Gabe stayed in the tourney just to beat the guy to teach him a lesson. After reading this, one child sent Gabe an email:

“Dear Mister Gabe,

Hi! My name is Nausica (gnaw-sik-ca), I am twelve years old and I love pokemon. My mom got me the Pokemon Pearl for my DS and I love love love it, it is probably my favorite game. I heard about the pokemon tournament at Gamestop and really wanted to go, but I am really shy so I wasn’t going to, but my parents talked me into it and said it would be a good for me and I would have fun.
So I went and it seemed at first like it would be fun, there were alot of really nice kids there who all loved pokemon like me, it was really fun showing off my team of Evee’s and seeing what other people liked too.
Then the older guys came, I dunno how old they were but they were much older then most of the other kids there, they pretty much ruined the fun of it for everyone else there. I guess they weren’t really mean, but how they acted sounded alot like the boy you described, that you had a chance to beat. But unfortunately for the kids at the tournament I went too, there wasn’t a nice guy like you to set an example for them. Needless to say most of us there didn’t have a good chance against them, (I never knew what the special point things were even), and they never really told us nice job or anything. The guy that got me laughed when he saw my line up of Evees.
So afterwards I really didn’t wanna play pokemon very much, and I thought I was gonna stop playing, cause I only really play to have fun, not to beat everyone else. Then today my mom (who is a big fan) showed me what you wrote, and it made me feel a million times better!!! šŸ˜€
I couldn’t believe I almost let some jerks take away my love of pokemon!

So I really just wanted to tell you thank you Mister Gabe! What you said ment alot to me and my evees!! You are a great person and I wish I could have been at your tournament to meet you!

Have a great day!!



ps! I’m naming my next boy evee after you ^_^

I think I’ll probably be smiling for the next week thanks to this.

-Gabe out”

Does that not make you just smile that folks have such a great influence, and a positive one at that. While PA might not be the most child-appropriate comic, they do a wonderful job of relating to kids, and a whole bunch of work to better children’s lives throughout the world. I am glad they keep up their work.

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I Feel Like Hell

July 23, 2007

My head is just about to explode from all sorts of worry that’s been dumped on to me. I’m sure Jill feels the same, sadly.

Cannot wait to get this over with…

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July 21, 2007

Working on an English Pale Ale right now. Have about 45 minutes before I add the finishing hops in and then another 5 before I chill the wort. Then, it’s in to the fermenter for a week, followed by bottling.

“In Heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here. And when we’re gone from here all our friends will be drinking all the beer!”

Aquabotany at 3am

July 21, 2007

Learning aquatic plant species, genus, variations, and all sorts of stuff. Trying to figure out what is in my aquarium.

Right now, what I have figured out:

  • Anachris (egeria densa)
  • Rotala sp mini
  • Vallisneria rubra
  • Elocharis acicularis
  • Hornwort (ceratophyllum submersum)

I have three other plants I need to take a closer look at.

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This is just bizarre: MySpace has started to filter out the letter ā€œiā€ on MySpace blogs – all of them. No matter where the letter ā€œiā€ appears in a word or sentence, it gets replaced with ā€œ..ā€. The only place where an ā€œiā€ can be used is in the title of a post.

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July 20, 2007

Shifting from email to forums! Yikes!

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