iPhone BEGONE!

July 2, 2007

Alright tech bloggers, it’s time to move on to headlines other than “iPhone this” and “iPhone that.”

I’m looking at you, Gizmodo…

It’s a cool looking product, but my RAZR does everything it can do, and my RAZR was also about $450 less.

-Browse internet? Yup
-Check email? Yup
-View Google maps? Yup
-Play music? Yup
-Take pictures? Yup
-Take video? Yup?
-Make phone calls? Yup
-SMS? Yup
-IM? Yup
-Function as voice recorder?
-Function as a calendar? Yup
-Remind me of important events? Yup
-Cost me my firstborn? Nope
-Play video? Nope
-Has fancy glass screen that breaks from a fall of two feet? Nope
-Touchscreen controls? Nope

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