July 4, 2007

Good news: got the moped to fire up and run
Bad news: moped is now in pieces.

There are a few things I need to do now. First, the carburetor is sitting on my workbench in the garage, and it’s in bad need of rebuilding. When I pulled the oil line, I learned that the tube had a crack in it and loosening it basically caused the line to snap off. Also, the oil did not look to be in clean shape at all.

While I was draining the oil I kept myself busy with one hand holding the oil jug and the other spraying PBBlaster and scrubbing down parts, shining them up nice and getting the rust cleaned off so I can sand and seal. PBBlaster is absolutely the best stuff you could ever get. If you’re addicted to using wd-40, stop and switch now.

This weekend I will be getting the moped done, I hope.

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