Blaze razes two homes

July 9, 2007

Blaze razes two homes

A bit more info on those two houses that were destroyed by lightning above.

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Hit the link for Ryan Adam’s newest music video

Or watch him in some better roles as a musician below


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Shopping list

July 9, 2007

Grabbing the stuff I need to make it through this week alive tomorrow:

  • Tea. Strong tea. With lots of caffeine.
  • Beer. To go with the tea. I think there’s gonna be an IRC /beer command or something for us support folks this week 😉
  • Donuts. To get me going in the morning. And evening. Day-olds ar a buck for a half dozen, not a bad deal. I think I have a coupon too.
  • Horseradish. To go in the ketchup so I have a good cocktail sauce for the bunches of shrimp I have
  • Canned fruit. I think I know where to get this for free too!

I’m actually planning on throwing together a ham stew and having that cook all week, throwing in veggies and beans periodically. It turns out really nice no matter the temperature. That, and I really need to get this ham out of the freezer.

  • Mangoes. I think they’re on sale, and they are awesome curried. Or fresh. Or boiled with cinnamon and sugar. And…
  • Oranges

I have a bunch of other canned food, and some steaks even. But for the majority I’ll be cooking the 1.5 pounds or so of shrimp for lunches.

Go to sleep now, little ugly. Go to sleep now, little fool!

(Note to self, change wiki article on Ubuntu installation, because right now it is wrong, because I’m an idiot)

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Close Call

July 9, 2007

Lightning struck last night, at about 4:45am, only a block away from our house. If you’ve never been 100yds from a lightning strike, be thankful. The air reeks of electricity and damage.

Two houses were struck, and so far we do not know about injuries or fatalities. I do know that the trucks were out there for at least 6 hours battling the blaze.

I love thunderstorms and seeing lightning and all, but this literally scared me speechless.

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No Giveaways but…

July 9, 2007

This week consists of the following:

  1. Wake up, read assigned reading for class/homework
  2. Go to class
  3. Come home, eat lunch
  4. Work all day
  5. Sleep

There is also some cigar smoking and champagne drinking in there.

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