Earth has a Fever…

July 11, 2007

…and the only prescription is more cowbell.

Actually, if you want to stop the man-made effects of global warming, crusade against the causes, not for the “awareness” of global warming.

Crusade against the deforestation of the Amazon, which is being cut down extremely rapidly and without thought of sustainability. The kicker is that many Amazon woods go to charcoal production.

Crusade against China. Their pollution lies out of check because of a restless construction sector that cannot seemingly employ any form of construction waste diversion, green building materials, or green building practices. China’s demand for steel is out of control.

Crusade against personal jets and other unnecessary gas consumption . Here’s looking to you, Mr. Gore. Do as you say, not as your lifestyle apparently dictates.

Crusade for energy efficiency in more than just cars; start looking at the biggest source of pollution: buildings.  Start looking at our air-conditioning units, and our heating systems. Then start looking at your lighting system. Now, your plumbing system. Even look at the carpet you are standing on. Chances are, all of these items contribute to global warming more than your car does. Design the building to take advantage of solar heat gain and daylighting. Redo plumbing to use under half the water required by other systems using greywater reuse and stormwater retention (amongst other ideas). Turn the roof in to an air scrubber with some trees and plants. That carpet you are standing on? It was more than likely glued down with adhesives containing high amounts of volatile organic compounds (which will undoubtedly affect health in the building). The furniture as well. Look at all the wood furniture. Are they certified lumber from sustainable forests? Or particle board that contains high levels of VOCs and is made from trees felled in not so environmentally friendly methods? Where did all these things come from? From local manufacturers? Or did you have to ship them across many miles just to get them? Think about the impact that would make.

It’s simple. Stop spending all your money on “awareness” events like Live Earth, which flew in bands from all around the world, and had thousands of folks driving hundreds of miles to attend. How counter-productive! Instead, spend your money where it counts: actually doing something.

And no, carbon-credits do not count.

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