Twitter and Jaiku, Which to Support

July 15, 2007

Like Jedi vs Sith, Frat Boys vs Geeks, Israelis vs Palestinians, and (lest we forget) Spaghetti vs Milk.

Yup. Twitter vs Jaiku. I’ve got an account on both. I prefer Jaiku, for its features, but unfortunately, there isn’t an extension I can get for Flock/Firefox to post like there is for Twitter.
But Twitter seems to be the rage right now. I have no idea why. Jaiku aggregates my so called “lifestream” (which will one day save the world from Meteor when Holy fails to aid our cause). Twitter does not.

Conflicted about this? No. I’ll probably stick with Jaiku, but if you want to get a hold of me via Twitter, go for it.

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