Compy 386

July 16, 2007

My laptop went snap crackle and pop. Now my screen does not stay up as easily (has a tendency to slam backwards on to the coffee table).

In the process of un-cracking my laptop, I broke my volume control keys, as well as the monitor closed status toggle switch. Fortunately, I am crafty, and Dells are very simply put together, so in a span of about 15 minutes I had everything back together (though I did not get around to fixing it until about four hours after things broke). All set!

Been stumbly-sleepy all day. No amount of sugar or water could keep me awake. As a result, I have been lounging around, reading with eyes half shut. Didn’t work today (not billable at least). Tomorrow I plan to, but to make a quick $100 Nasty and I are chopping wood for an old lady (I think it is a lady). Money will go towards boat gas, which will go towards fishing.

Reading about medical advances in technology. Almost asleep just from that. Interesting stuff to be sure (far more than the previous chapters), but slow reading. Got my end-of-night GnT with Tanqueray Rangpur by the side of my bed. Don’t know if I can finish it… Did I mention I am dog-tired?

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Faith? Love?

July 16, 2007

What justice may come, let it be dealt swiftly to those who show no regard towards the Message of Love and Forgiveness You taught us.

I am sick.

I wonder if they even read the Bible? Actually, I don’t even wonder.

I am still sick.

Can decent discussion be had with such perverse beings? They curse with their lips. No blessings.

They delight in murderous thought.

They are not a part of Christ in any way, and I wish for nothing more but their use of the term Baptist, Church and Christian to be eradicated. If only they would see the plank in their eye!

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New Foo!

July 16, 2007

New song titled “Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make-Up Is Running)” from the Foo Fighter’s latest offering: “Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace”

The Pretender
Let It Die
Long Road To Ruin
Come Alive
Stranger Things Have Happened
Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make-Up Is Running)
Summers End
Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners
But, Honestly

You probably can guess what Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners is about. If not lemme fill you in. Back in 2006, a seismic shift caused a hanging wall in a mine in Tasmania to collapse. Sadly, this killed one miner immediately, but two others were left trapped. When rescuers got close enough to pipe in food and water, they asked for iPods with Foo Fighters on them. Dave Grohl, lead singer/guitarist of Foo, heard this, and sent them a personal fax saying:

“Though I’m halfway around the world right now, my heart is with you both, and I want you to know that when you come home, there’s two tickets to any Foos show, anywhere, and two cold beers waiting for you. Deal?”

They took him up on his offer, and it makes for one heck of a story.

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Futurama, why do you appeal to my emotions so? I can’t make it through Jurassic Bark or The Sting without becoming terribly emotionally wrapped up by the end.

Apparently, the story behind Seymour, Fry’s dog in Jurassic Park is based on a real dog.

I need to go on some sort of cathartic vacation where I can forget about the thirty-five thousand things on my mind.

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