All Clear…

July 17, 2007

Not sure entirely what went on last night. Slept with my sword by my side though. Like that would have done anything.

I’ve got three guesses at what was outside my house:

  1. Neighbors locked themselves out of the house, trying to get in through the side door
  2. Skater punks/Summer Youth Program kids/neighbors running after a racoon/skunk/rabbit/chupacabra
  3. Bad dude with bad intentions

Noises I can deal with, even if they do shake me up. But noises combined with a flashlight shining through the window, that darn near paralyzes me. Screw the fact that I’m a black belt. Screw the fact that I have three swords and two deadly sharp knifes in my room. One of the first things you learn in Tae Kwon Do (or any self defense art) is that you cannot block a bullet. You also learn that to protect yourself, you must be in shape and both mentally and physically fit.

Let it be known that I am Showerblogging. Both dangerous and thrilling at the same time!

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