Hallway Joosting

July 18, 2007

“Do you know how pathetic it is to be solar powered?
 All the other guys got their strength from real stuff,
 y’know- radiation, chemical spill, coal.”
Who got their power from coal?
Industrial Lathe Man!”

Been relaxing to some documentaries, as well as some Harvey Birdman. Don’t have cable. Watched them on Joost. I’ve been a user since it was renamed from The Venice Project to Joost, and it has grown leaps and bounds better in that time. There are vast amounts of channels with tremendous selections of programming.

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“I think the PS3 is the Surf ‘n Turf. You want the lobster and steak and you’re going to give yourself the treat of getting the best thing on the menu. The PS2 is your favorite burger restaurant — you go there for comfort food and it’s just always good and is a good value.

[As for the other two consoles], one [Wii] is a lollipop, and I’m too old for lollipops. The other one [XBox 360] I get sick from once in a while because the cook isn’t always reliable.” -Jack Tretton [SCEA President]

OK, there are some things you should say about competition, and some you should not. This falls under the “Not” category.

You had such a good E3 presentation too. Couldn’t you just shut your trap?

Folks in glass houses…

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