Happy Negative One Anniversary To Us!

July 27, 2007

Hooray! I got to spend the evening with Jill today, and it was a fine negative anniversary. We debated getting some (extremely) cheap champagne or some awesome beer to celebrate, but instead we just got some nice sparkling fruit water and relaxed together.

Twitter-izing from my phone seems to be working well.  Save for the fact that there was about two hours of the ride where I did not have service.

Working on budgeting this upcoming month. I wouldn’t mind one of the schnazzy new WordPress tees, but I also wouldn’t mind paying the utilities this month. Or eating.  Somewhere in there I also have to provide enough gas to get me down to Kansas City and back at the end of the month.

Currently sitting on 80 bucks to live on, and I still have to get home Sunday.

Pictures and video (yes, video) when I return to the wonderful north.

One Response to “Happy Negative One Anniversary To Us!”

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