360 Days to Go

July 31, 2007

I’m like a freakin chick; I’m counting down the days intently now. At 360 to go. Stupid leap year added a day 😉

I am really glad that I was able to make it to Jill’s brother’s wedding. It was absolutely amazing on so many levels. For once I was connected to the head table, and as a result I was able to get to see a lot more of what goes on. And obviously get a lot of ideas for our wedding.

The church was stunning. The ceremony was equally amazing. The reception was great as well.

There are a lot of things that happened that I will go in to more detail upon in a later post. I will say that the last song of the night was awesome. There were maybe 25 of us left, and the DJ put on “Piano Man” and we all got in a circle, arms around each other, and sang. One of the most memorable moments of any event I have been to.

Perhaps I will elaborate on my plans for the wedding tomorrow.

Bottled the beer today at FSG 1.015 with an OSG of 1.038, which puts the alcohol content at a measly three percent (ish). Our next beer (which may or may not be started tomorrow) will be fermented to a lower specific gravity to raise ABV, and will also be much hoppier (the current brew is not as bitter as I would have preferred). The brew I churned out tastes like an English pale ale (or Strong English Bitter) should taste. It will be bottle conditioned for a minimum of two weeks to carbonate and smooth out the flavor. I probably won’t break the first bottle out until after my final in three weeks, but if the uncarbonated version is any indication (which I’m sure it’s not), it will taste ridiculously good for a first brew.

Video editing has confounded me all day. It’s like my camera just won’t communicate with the computer anymore. It was working perfectly last week in Windows and Ubuntu, and now it works in neither. Grrr….

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