Fatblogging? Sure, Why Not. 162.4

August 2, 2007

Inspired by Wil Harris, I think it’s a neat idea.

Getting in shape over the next year, starting last week. I’m already down two pounds over the past week just being more active and drinking plenty of water. Obviously, I have a target date (wedding date actually), but no target weight as of yet. I think I could do 150 safely. Maybe even 145.

Today’s workout: crunches, leg lifts, Tae Kwon Do forms and combos, and running up to Lot 21 (about a half mile total, with a major uphill climb to get there) and back a few times.

Today’s diet: Lipton chicken soup for lunch, and possibly a burger for dinner. Lots of water as well.

Overall goal: get myself in to shape to be a black belt once more. Relying heavily on Bruce Lee’s training regimen, in addition to the old Angel’s Karate warmup and workout schedule. As I recall, classes were every other day. Time to catch up!

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One Response to “Fatblogging? Sure, Why Not. 162.4”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    good luck with getting in shape. if you care, you could also tweet your fatblogging progress, see link.

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