Hinging On Warranty

August 5, 2007

I seem to have fallen in to a supposed minority. My DS Lite hinge cracked.

I have a few options. I could fix it myself with some krazy glue/epoxy. I could not really care since it appears to be a cosmetic issue only. Or I could send it in to Nintendo for a free repair/replacement. I’m leaning towards not really caring, because at the rate I have been playing Animal Crossing, I don’t know if I could go without for a few weeks. Actually, I’m pretty sure I could send it in and have no (major) withdrawls.

The fog/driving lights are now temporarily epoxied on to my car, and they are indeed bright. They should come in a lot of handy when driving down during a night blizzard (which I plan to do one last time this year in my car). Once I pay bills and clear up some things, I’ll permanently attach them with some nice two-part epoxy or something.

Was halfway productive today. Cleaned up the kitchen and made sushi (again), wired up and attached my fog lights, racked the raspberry bock into the secondary fermenter where it will stay til fall, and got Mike and Amy’s wedding on to DVD (no editing done). Tried one of the English Pale Ales. Tastes interesting (and not fully carbonated). It’s got a very bitter aftertaste (it’s an English Bitter for a reason), but the body is creamy and screams of caramel. Can’t wait to get this batch completely done. The raspberry bock is very berry, and is being overfermented to account for that.

I am happy. Worried about my degree audit, but happy. Let’s see what Monday brings.

Goodbye Blue Monday!

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