Grody. Grody. Grody.

August 9, 2007

I am covered in grease (at least, my back, legs, and hair are) which I like to some extent. Ironically, the greasy meal I ate has my stomach in knots still. I’ve been trying to eat something I can keep down, and a relatively greaseless quesadilla seems to be the first thing that has actually gotten to the digestion stage.

Got dragged around by Nate today on errands. Looked at a nice-ish moped (too new for my tastes) just to tell the guy he needs an entire new engine for us to do anything (let the engine sit open in the rain, moronic), two 1970’s Mercedes that were going to be partswapped to create once running, awesome Mercedes, a Dodge Intrepid that needs a new water pump, a Dodge Neon dirttrack bomber, and Nate’s “Big Truck.” I hooked up the driveshaft and removed the old carb from the big truck. Took me far too long to do, since I had to keep going back to get tools every five minutes. Bomber needed body work and wheel work. I needed hydration and a bottle of Pepto.

Came back, did some Flock work (which also took too long, stomach started acting up), and then have been relaxing up til now. About to get back to Flock work for a little while longer. Tomorrow, I HAVE to get in a decent amount of work. I owe someone a beer if I don’t.

Evan also mentioned some marketing stuff that he was trying to figure out, which now has me trying to figure out some marketing stuff that’s new (Spread Firefox and ilovebees are cool, but not new and innovative).

Still haven’t tried the keyboard+Wii deal yet. I’ll try here tomorrow when everyone leaves for other places.

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