Exit the Ordinary

August 15, 2007

Between the two songs Down with Your Heart and Grey Lines, and to a much much greater extent Easy in Threes, I am trying to track down all of my ETO songs (from when they were cool and had stuff online for free, still a cool band).

Those three songs go on my First UP Whiteout Driving Back from Thanksgiving with Bakke & The Aurora and Snow Make the Night so Freakin Memorable and Quiet playlist. Yes, I actually have a playlist for that on my iPod. No, it is not called that; it is called simply Aurora.

Listening to ETO right now online (just streaming from a random site). I love how simple they are. It sounds like a dime a dozen band for a split second, and then something else I cannot place my finger on to emerges. Perhaps it is the simple, seemingly under-produced rock that has disappeared from mainstream culture. Not sure.

I’m posting the Aurora soundtrack up here and on iTunes/Ruckus sometime soonish. For now, sleep/songwriting. I’ve got a final presentation in about 9 hours that counts for approximately 20% of my grade on Japanese reversion to the sword after mastering the gun. Fascinating stuff, and it lets me show Star Wars in class (truly, it is relevant).

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