Fatbloggin: 166

August 19, 2007

Going up in weight and feeling bad because of it. I’m on vacation though, so I can justify it. Today alone, I had 24 Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets and an original chicken sandwich and a 44oz Sonic Limeade. I never get to eat Chick-fil-A (been about 3 years since I have) and the same goes with Sonic.

The plus side is that I have been drinking mucho water in the 95F weather. It should be easier to get more water in after doing it for necessity.

Been watching Survivorman for a while now. I want to go camping now, is that wrong of me?

Plan for tomorrow is basically to head to church, come back, watch the NASCAR race at Michigan (my fave track next to everyones fave, Bristol), and then go running in the heat for as long as I can. Tomorrow is hopefully about working out. Monday I need to get some things done (dentist, getting new plates/registration for car, etc). Tuesday I’ll get in Flock work again finally. Wednesday is for whatever comes up, and Thursday and Friday we will be taking Jenn up to school (I’ll be only 3 hours from Jill, but won’t see her).

The evening cicadas here sing an amazing tune every night. It is something we don’t get in Houghton, sadly.

Working on recording plans again, now that we can converse with Bakke more freely (hooray broadband).

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