Took my car for inspection to Meinike of Liberty to get my MO plates. Meinike said I was leaking power steering fluid, needed a new rack and pinion at $1100 to pass. Said, NO!

Took my car to Dan’s Auto in Liberty. Dan looked at it, said, “There’s rust and condensation on it, it’s not leaking at all.”

Meinike is GREEDY No business from us.

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LFG: XP Farming

August 27, 2007

Need to get skill points on my Necro in Guild Wars so I can capture some more elite skills. I’ve fallen behind in GW (went about 4 months without really playing). Elite necro skills I have yet to capture on Hades of the North:

  1. Cultist’s Fervor
  2. Life Transfer
  3. Offering of Blood
  4. Soul Leech
  5. Spoil Victor
  6. Vampiric Spirit
  7. Well of Power
  8. Order of Apostasy
  9. Pain of Disenchantment
  10. Signet of Suffering
  11. Soul Bind
  12. Weaken Knees
  13. Aura of the Lich
  14. Discord
  15. Order of Undeath
  16. Toxic Chill
  17. Icy Veins
  18. Wail of Doom

It takes 15,000 XP to gain a skill point, which means I need to get about 270,000 XP to get all of these skills. Fortunately, there are other ways to gain skill points. Each mission reward, if completed at master level, yields three skill points.

Hades of the North has gained 180,000 XP in the past two days, and 400,000 XP in the past week (currently sitting at about 880,000 XP). This is ridiculously fast to me. It took me forever to get to 1,000,000 XP on my warrior, but my necro is cruising fast. Woohoo!

Guild Wars: Eye of the North comes out on Friday

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