I like Dell laptops. Well, I like mine. Well, I liked mine.

See, the problem is that it no longer runs. That’s an inconvenience when you want it to run, no? On the rare occasion I can get it to post, it will run about 4 minutes EVERY time before it locks up indefinitely. I have to cut power manually to get it to shut off. Following the harsh power down, the darn thing refuses to boot for me for a good long time. I have realized, though, two things about this frustrating conundrum.

  1. When I remove the battery and push and jigger the power cable end that is in the computer to the right, 4/10 times I can get the thing to start.
  2. Whenever I attempt to write an email, blog post, tweet, Jaiku, etc, explaining my problem the laptop freezes.

This leads me to two distinct realizations.

  1. The source of the problem lies in either my power socket, power adapter, battery, or any combination of the above. Additionally, there may be some parts that need to be reseated, as the intense heat given off by El Monstro del Dell over the years may have caused some crazy expansions.
  2. My laptop is self-aware

So, I’ll be taking the beast of burden apart soon and looking at all the problem aspects (if I can find them). Assuming any are super simple snap together/solder jobs, I’ll be happy. If not, anybody have a semi-decent laptop to spare?