I’m sitting here right now watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I love the show, and yes, I am aware of the drawbacks that the show results in for the homeowners, but I honestly think that the positive difference outweighs the negatives. Not once have I seen a show where the owners were undeserving.

However, the construction manager in me looks at all the administrative work involved in any type of construction process and realizes that this does not happen in just one week like the show portrays. There has to be some sort of selection process for the prime contractor and the like, the plans have to be drawn up well in advance and checked for a variety of adequacies. Building permits must be obtained, the project must somehow be insured, the equipment and workers scheduled, materials need to be selected and obtained, and hundreds of other steps that construction projects will go through.

So there’s some of my classes coming to the forefront of my mind. Structures also came to mind recently. I’ve got a loft I built on Friday out of some 2x4s and screws to hold it together. It supports my bed and I easily, but unfortunately, there are some long cracks forming around the screws. I’ve got to pick up a few more 6′-11″ pieces of wood, and possibly a few more other odd lengths.  I also am thinking of figuring out some other way to support the long beams that support my bed lengthwise (the members that are cracking).

It’s all good.


September 28, 2007

On the marrow I shall;

  • Wake around 9am to make my 10am class (9am and 2pm class are canceled)
  • Get back from class
  • Study Structures for the afternoon
  • During some part of the afternoon, possibly meet someone from the Pavement Enterprise to get back a RAT device
  • During some part of the afternoon, head out to the lumberyard to get some loft wood and bolts.
  • During some part of the afternoon, hit up the post office for a passport application
  • Head to my 3pm class
  • Around 4pm hit the gym with Solo
  • After that, build my loft with Lee
  • After finishing the loft, kick back in my room. Enjoy the extra space.
  • During the evening, plans are in the air. I kinda want to just relax all night. I might just do some studying and play guitar/mandolin all night

Saturday is also a bit odd. I will be doing something with Habitat for Humanity, I’m just not sure where. It could be doing some interior trim up in Laurium in that house, which is nearing completion, or heading down to Marquette to participate in the blitz build (2 houses in 24 hours!). Depending on my choice, I may get to play in our flag football game (playing both sides of the ball no doubt). I also want to get in a few hours for Flock. I’ve been pretty good this week, but I still need to step it up.

Sunday is church-football-homework day. Lions play the Bears and USA plays Norway in the Women’s World Cup consolation match. Man, if you followed the US team, you know how furious the normal US team goalie was. Each and every goal should have been an easy save, and the goalie who was put in place instead of Solo (the normal goalie) just did not put in the effort that she should have. I really think that had Solo been in the game, it would have been 2-1 Brazil (we would have lost, but it would have been bearable). Got a Structures assignment and exam to study for. Next week is not going to be that great.

The only thing that is keepin me going right now is the hope that Jill comes up soon.


September 28, 2007

Halo 3 is short. It takes about half the time you would take to beat Halo 1 or 2, but it is just as good. By the way, stick through to the very end, after all the credits (especially after beating it on Legendary!)

Aurora Weather

September 24, 2007

There’s been an upswing of auroral alerts lately, meaning one thing: it’s time to get back out to the breakers for some late-night spacewatching. I haven’t had the best luck up here getting to view them, but I have definitely seen some amazing ones.

In other UP-ish news, I might be on some Dirty Jobs footage. Over the Memorial Day weekend, Mike Rowe and his crew were on the Mackinac Bridge doing various jobs. I remember seeing the chopper flying very close to the bridge and thinking, “What the heck is that thing doing so low?” I didn’t see the entire episode, and I doubt my car is in it, but it is likely I could be in some footage they cut. Very neat.

Going to start light workout tomorrow at 8am with Solo at the gym. Going to lift the bar and do light lifting in general. I feel pretty out of shape right now, gotta get back into it. I’ve been off pain meds (read: ibuprofen)  fully for two days now, and I barely hurt unless I lay down funky. I hope that by Thursday I am able to actually participate in my running class.

Computer parts will finally be ordered this week, by Tuesday at least. I might have a nice new machine by this weekend! Only thing I am worried about is my hard drive. The current one I have is 200gb but IDE, while the motherboard I am getting (ABit Fatal1ty AN9) only has one IDE channel. While I suppose I could use that to run both my DVD drive and my hard drive, I really don’t think the cable will reach in my case. I may have to spring for an IDE to SATA adapter, or a new drive entirely (a 250gb Seagate is only 70 bucks or so where I’m looking).

Ready for the weekend already…crap…

Spiderman! at the Disco

September 22, 2007

Man, I hadn’t seen Spiderman 3 until today. Holy crap. I liked the movie (I love Spiderman in general, on par with X-Men), but apparently if you are really craving for revenge you turn flamboyantly emo with a large dose of notwithititis. And Topher Grace? Nope, not Eddie Brock Jr. Instead, Eric Forman turned in to Venom. Awesome, I suppose.

Waiting eagerly for the fourth installment X-Men and Spiderman.

As always


September 20, 2007

Two things to check out.

First, this article

Second, a short story by Asimov called “The Last Question” (sorry for the no-link)


September 20, 2007

“Now playing in select cities tomorrow.”

Now? Tomorrow? What?