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September 8, 2007

Twitter / vma


Why do I even expect MTV to hold fast to a reasonable amount of intellect? PTV, Persona TV, is what they have become, no focus on music in any way, shape or form. Nothing new in that accusation, but man! Get with the scene! Music is out there, and it’s good. No more Timberlake, no more of your here today gone tomorrow bullocks music, and no more with your depraved, grasping for ratings scheduling!

The VMAs are a joke. I’m sticking with my out-there, down the rapids, seldom played music. I’ll stick with the positive messages, the lyrics that practically require a literature degree to appreciate, the riffs that are not synthesized, and not stolen from prior legends, and vocals that stand out from the countless whining, droning, altered, pathetic, barely lucid hacks that call themselves musicians.

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