TFNM Still Kinda Lives

September 10, 2007

From TFNM’s Myspace page, which we don’t really keep up or anything, from a dude named Matthew:

” I found you guys a couple years back in an Ozma search during their breakup. Trying to find songs who sounded like or were similar. At the time I only found Blue Thunder Carousel, but recently I’ve looked you guys up again and found your lyrics page. I REALLY like the lyrics this band has produced. The song’s lyrics I’ve read that I really wish i could hear (Song for a Girl, Ashitaka) I can’t find online anywhere. I assume it’s because it they weren’t recorded. Anyways, I like your music, LOVE the lyrics and Blue Thunder Carousel (aka Anything But Blue) is freaking lyric genius. “Sadness is good for the soul” …AWESOME! Just a friendly reminder that there are a few fans out there that aren’t just from your hometown or high school”

That makes me want to write some more lyrics!

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