Bad Streak of Luck

September 17, 2007

Well, almost as if by magic, my desktop has broken down and left me with a grand total of zero working machines. And technically I’m not supposed to use campus computers for personal business such as Flock work, but I think I’m going to have to.

Not sure what happened exactly, but the motherboard completely died. Won’t post, and won’t output video.  It is about five to six years old anyway, so this doesn’t really surprise me. It’s time for an upgrade, but I’m not sure how to pay for the parts. It will cost me about 500 bucks to build a brand new AM2 system that will be decent for work and gaming. I have about 200 on hand, but some of it has to go to bills and utilities. Crap.

On the non-computer side of things, I’m still as unlucky. I have a badly bruised rib on my left side that just keeps getting worse daily. It was fine about a week ago when I got hit (running full tilt into Sean who was running as well, and put his elbow into my chest). I can hardly sleep on it through the night anymore, and taking full breaths hurts now. I kinda want to go to Portage Health to get it checked out, but they’ll just tell me to keep away from lifting anything or exerting myself in manners that would irritate it and prescribe me high-strength painkillers (I rarely take low-strength painkillers…).

I think I’ll buy a lotto ticket tonight; why not…