September 20, 2007

Two things to check out.

First, this article

Second, a short story by Asimov called “The Last Question” (sorry for the no-link)


September 20, 2007

“Now playing in select cities tomorrow.”

Now? Tomorrow? What?

2am Thoughts

September 20, 2007

  1. It is difficult to do Flock support on my temporary computer (256mb ram, 800mhz) which cannot run it smoothly
  2. While my computer specs are horrid, it magically can run Guild Wars at a level where I can chat in-game, but nothing more
  3. Lots of folks are going to need to update their tatoos; Dale Earnhardt Jr. is now driving the #88 Pepsi Co/National Guard car for Hendrick (what a scary team!). At least it isn’t the #6.7 car (foreshadowing anyone?)
  4. My ribs don’t hurt half as much as they did this morning. High protein diet with supplements and painkillers are to blame I believe
  5. I think I could get back in to the gym to do light lifting on Monday, back to the running for fitness class on Thursday
  6. Latest homebrew is barely drinkable. More like highly pourable
  7. While I believe he is guilty on all counts, I think O.J. Simpson would be a spectacular guy to interview and hear all of his thoughts. Also on the same line, Sadaam Hussein and Fidel Castro. Sometimes the bad guys have the best thoughts (don’t start on the “Castro could be the good guy and we’re the bad guys” thing. Just look at Cuba’s state).
  8. Need to loft my bed, but need to pay bills, etc first
  9. Detroit Lions are rocking so far!
  10. U of M may indeed come back, but definitely not against Penn St.
  11. Get to watch the first televised Red Wings game tomorrow! Preseason, but it will still be good!
  12. Detroit Tigers won’t make playoffs if they keep playing like they have the past few days
  13. Cannot wait to learn how/what new computer parts I can get. Hoping for a nice new AM2 system for around $500ish
  14. IME is looking primed for this year. So many amazing projects and opportunities!
  15. Flock 1.0! It is yes! Everything looks great so far, cannot wait to have a real computer to put it on.
  16. Donovan McNabb’s black quarterback comments are absurd. Listen to me clearly: THIS IS WHY RUSH LIMBAUGH GOT FIRED FROM HIS SPORTSCASTER POST. Why in Sam Austin would McNabb get away with it. Perhaps the reason black quarterbacks like McNabb and Vick get scrutinized is because 1) McNabb sucks a big one and 2) Vick did some sick, illegal schnat. Other black quarterbacks who are playing well are doing just that. McNair isn’t doing anything amazing, nor is Vince Young. They get the recognition they deserve. If you want to defeat racism today, it starts with eliminating the idea of “black quarterbacks” or “white quarterbacks” or “black candidates” or “white candidates.” Jesse Jackson’s claim that Obama is “acting like a white person” when it came to a racial crime case exemplifies this. My friends who are a different color (though they are few) are just that; friends. Not black friends or hispanic friends or Asian friends. They are human, and I look at them as such. Screw race; give it much thought and you perpetuate the very core of racism.
  17. On a lighter note, it should get to cider and donuts weather soon (again)