Aurora Weather

September 24, 2007

There’s been an upswing of auroral alerts lately, meaning one thing: it’s time to get back out to the breakers for some late-night spacewatching. I haven’t had the best luck up here getting to view them, but I have definitely seen some amazing ones.

In other UP-ish news, I might be on some Dirty Jobs footage. Over the Memorial Day weekend, Mike Rowe and his crew were on the Mackinac Bridge doing various jobs. I remember seeing the chopper flying very close to the bridge and thinking, “What the heck is that thing doing so low?” I didn’t see the entire episode, and I doubt my car is in it, but it is likely I could be in some footage they cut. Very neat.

Going to start light workout tomorrow at 8am with Solo at the gym. Going to lift the bar and do light lifting in general. I feel pretty out of shape right now, gotta get back into it. I’ve been off pain meds (read: ibuprofen)  fully for two days now, and I barely hurt unless I lay down funky. I hope that by Thursday I am able to actually participate in my running class.

Computer parts will finally be ordered this week, by Tuesday at least. I might have a nice new machine by this weekend! Only thing I am worried about is my hard drive. The current one I have is 200gb but IDE, while the motherboard I am getting (ABit Fatal1ty AN9) only has one IDE channel. While I suppose I could use that to run both my DVD drive and my hard drive, I really don’t think the cable will reach in my case. I may have to spring for an IDE to SATA adapter, or a new drive entirely (a 250gb Seagate is only 70 bucks or so where I’m looking).

Ready for the weekend already…crap…