I’m sitting here right now watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I love the show, and yes, I am aware of the drawbacks that the show results in for the homeowners, but I honestly think that the positive difference outweighs the negatives. Not once have I seen a show where the owners were undeserving.

However, the construction manager in me looks at all the administrative work involved in any type of construction process and realizes that this does not happen in just one week like the show portrays. There has to be some sort of selection process for the prime contractor and the like, the plans have to be drawn up well in advance and checked for a variety of adequacies. Building permits must be obtained, the project must somehow be insured, the equipment and workers scheduled, materials need to be selected and obtained, and hundreds of other steps that construction projects will go through.

So there’s some of my classes coming to the forefront of my mind. Structures also came to mind recently. I’ve got a loft I built on Friday out of some 2x4s and screws to hold it together. It supports my bed and I easily, but unfortunately, there are some long cracks forming around the screws. I’ve got to pick up a few more 6′-11″ pieces of wood, and possibly a few more other odd lengths.  I also am thinking of figuring out some other way to support the long beams that support my bed lengthwise (the members that are cracking).

It’s all good.