Take that back…

October 29, 2007

Detector is chirping more and more. About to wake the guys and move to fresh air…

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October 29, 2007

Carbon Monoxide detector just went off. I take this EXTREMELY seriously, so I’ve been making sure that the chirping heard just meant the detector encountered some sort of error. Back to bed.

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October 28, 2007

USC has lost 2. Southern Florida lost 2. U of M lost their first two and then came back to become undefeated in conference play.

Honestly, when you look at the BCS, the only team I see in there that really wows me is Ohio State. Even then, they haven’t played (to me at least) at the caliber of play they had going last year.

What I think the lesson is is, “The BCS is in turmoil because every ‘big’ team is no longer practicing fundamentals”

It’s ridiculous that these teams are being upset left and right (Boston College came back in the FINAL two minutes of the game with TWO amazing touchdowns, but their play throughout the game was inferior).

Which is why I stick to hockey. College hockey. Michigan Tech hockey. Where for the first time in too long WE ARE ON TOP OF THE WCHA DIVISION! We are NCAA Division  1A and we are highly ranked for once. We have scouts at games now, we are getting moolah in from the team. It is AMAZING! I don’t regret buying the ridiculously priced high quality jersey at all. I am proud of our school. We have a hockey dynasty on our hands, and we are building up a good foundation for future teams. We can be a powerhouse again! We ARE a powerhouse again. I feel like Sieving the rest of the WCHA right now…



And now I have the Zamboni song stuck in my head.

Sleep? Eh, it can wait.

October 25, 2007

So it looks like Lyle Lovett and John Kraczinski from The Office (my new comedy kick) are going to be on Conan in a few minutes. I’ll watch that and head to bed. Head is killing me, and I still have stuff I want to get on my computer after all.

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October 25, 2007

It snowed today. Just light flurries and it never really actually got below freezing, but it was our first true snow. Right now it is a balmy 29F (at least it will feel balmy in about a month). I love this weather. It is the perfect late fall night.

I am indeed up at 3am, and I am about to head to bed. I don’t have anything until 12pm tomorrow afternoon, so I am relishing my new computer (that’s right, dill relish, all over the mobo!). I have most things that I need installed on it, and I need to get just a few more applications (Cubase and Adobe CS2 Suite) on it to be good to go. The only thing I would like more on my computer is a nice 500gb SATA drive, instead of my 200gb IDE drive. For the first time in what seems like forever (really, just 2 months) I am gaming on a computer again. Awesome.

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October 22, 2007

I can’t figure out why the boiler hasn’t kicked on and the radiators started radiating heat and all, and I’m not a fan of the cold right now. It’s keeping me up to some extent.

Still waiting to hear what the deal is with the F1 racing series. I’m too tired to explain the situation right now. Tomorrow evening…

Been looking in to pricing out diesel trucks to replace my car eventually. The general idea that is coming up is “LULZ! You won’t have that much money for quite some time!” Used isn’t much better. Diesel is just expensive to begin with, but puts out more power, is cleaner, gets better mileage, can run on darn near anything combustible, and it’s just much more of a man truck. The sound of a diesel is awesome, no contention.


  • Monday: Class, lunch, homework, Flock work, class, meeting, Bible study, homework, Flock work
  • Tuesday: Terex plant trip in Baraga in the early morning, Flock work in the noonish time, lab in the afternoon, hopefully guitar time in the evening on? Here’s hoping to no homework
  • Wednesday: Much like Monday, without the meetings
  • Thursday: Catch up on sleep day? IME meeting at noon, but nothing other than that, so homework and Flock work, and guitar afterwards. Also, got to clean out my car and pack up my bags because…
  • Friday: Probably going to be a “work day” for two of my classes, meaning class at 10am and 3pm. After my 3pm class, I’m outtahere! Next stop: the entire length of the Upper Peninsula for a wonderful fall drive into the night and into the arms of my lady!
  • Saturday: I guess we’re doing some tux thing in Midland? Sure, why not? Also, watching college football and taking some pictures. Typical Michigan fall weekend I suppose.
  • Sunday: Possibly church with Jill, maybe just getting my butt back in to the Yoop to to get homework done. Definitely have to be back by 10pm to register for my final semester of classes at that time. Gonna try to stop at the Cross in the Woods this time. I really want to see it.

And that’s that. Good night ladies!


October 20, 2007

Flock 1.0rc3 is out, and you should definitely check it out. The amount of refining that has been put in and the cool new People sidebar is enough to get me to use it as my browser of choice, even though my backup computer is slow as grass growing.

Anyways, I’m doing alright. I’ve been told by several people that I have been especially happy and chipper the past week or so, and I can only contribute that to Jill’s visit. I’ll be doing homework and Flock work on Sunday, and tomorrow I’m going to try to take a bunch of pictures of the fall colors and rainy, misty weather that has persisted for weeks here. I already have some up on my Flickr account.

Gonna shave (getting a bit too itchy for my liking, and wouldn’t mind looking cleanshaven for a while) and head to bed. Won’t wake up until I wake up, and I have been looking  forward to this all week.

Next Friday I am heading down to Midland for the weekend. I am looking forward to the trip immensely. Travelling the UP is and has been my favorite aspect of the entire Michigan Tech experience. It is ALWAYS beautiful, abandoned, untouched, and simply amazing. Awesome in the true sense of the word. Inspires awe. Just thinking about it will always put me in a hopeful-romantic mood.

Why am I still up?

October 18, 2007

I guess I must be doing better, since I am still up at 2am. Anyways, I present to you my cave:

Da Cave

I might just sleep in the chair tonight.

Been feeling blah today. Flu-ish thing hit me, and it’s about time I get over it. Did much less Flock work than I had wanted to do because of it, but I am getting back in to it regularly again.

Anyway, the rest of the night looks like this: hit Econofoods for something to make me feel good/get my mind off my head and neck and lungs, eat said food, put laundry away, fall asleep in the papasan chair in my cave.

I really feel odd. Stuffed up, headachey, sore throat, all that jazz. Almost like the flu, but nicer. Like if the flu was on Prozac. Would love to take some Dayquil (Nyquil gets me drunker than a bottle of Jack, and it lasts all day for me, therefore I do not take it), but the cough drops will have to suffice.

I’m ready to fall asleep like it was the weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t do that until, well, the weekend.

Typical Wednesday schedule for me tomorrow, with some Flock work thrown in again like a while back.

Put up a shelf and lighting in my loft. Totally rockin with it.  I’ll put up pictures sometime soon. It’s my little cave, and it is perfect for playing guitar, studying, or sleeping.