October 1, 2007

Could our state government suck anymore? We have a full time congress, and we still cannot come up with a way to get the state’s budget worked out to get us in the black. Our government is shutting down. Secretary of State offices, state parks, lottery and liquor sales are affected. What else is our government screwing us on?

All Michigan State Police forensic laboratories will be closed during the shutdown.” Just had a loved one murdered? Tough deal, sucker. We ain’t doin jack on your case.

A limited number of Michigan State Police troopers will provide law enforcement service on an emergency basis. ” WOOHOO! Seney Stretch at 85mph! Driving through Marquette without fears of bein pulled over! Alright!

Liquor sales are regulated by the state and therefore will stop during a government shutdown. Stores will be able to sell the inventory they have on hand, but will be unable to purchase additional inventory.” DAMN IT! Lee turns 21 Sunday as well. There’s gonna be a run tomorrow on Econo and Walmart and Jims. Wow.

All road construction on state highways will cease during the shutdown. It will be much like what goes on during a major holiday. Barrels and barriers will remain in place, where needed, for safety.” Because we know how the bastion of efficiency, MDOT, works…

State welcome centers and highway rest areas, including the bathroom facilities and parking lots, will be closed.” Read: If you’re traveling through the UP, you’re gonna piss in a bottle.

Fingerprint-based background checks for employment or licensing purposes will not be available during the shutdown.”


Perhaps the congressmen should take a 50% pay cut until they fix what they effed in the A. That right there should be pretty efficient motivation. After all, why change what isn’t affecting you personally seems to be their mantra these days.


2 Responses to “GO MICHIGAN!”

  1. Daniel Lackey Says:

    Yup. Oh well. I was kinda hoping the state would stay in shutdown mode until folks got completely irate over the inaction of the government. I don’t think the new budget plan is going to help Michigan in the long run though; I believe it might actually hurt.

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