Hoorah! Relive the oldschool newschool!

October 5, 2007

I’ve picked up a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the Nintendo DS. Favorite DS game I own, hands down. The controls are almost entirely touch based (although you can use shortcuts on the D-pad to open menus and the like), and take a bit of getting used to. For the first hour I played it I kept trying to use the D-pad to move Link around, but I have broken myself of that habit. I have no clue how far into the game I am (hoping desperately that it is not that far), and I refuse to look at any plot summary or walkthroughs until I beat the main storyline. It did take a while for me to get used to the Wind Waker graphics. I honestly would have preferred something like Twilight Princess meets Link to the Past, but it now seems appropriate for the game. It  is honestly a lighthearted, fun game with the typical “dark world” evil that naturally comes with any Zelda game.

Phantom Hourglass: Worth the price of a DS

Also, only 2 hits to the blog yesterday? That’s the lowest count I’ve seen for my blog in at least 2 months. My high count is 85 (after being linked to by a front-paged Digg story I submitted) and it looks like my average is about 23. Hey Automattic folks, maybe an average views stat would be nice? Or an archived stats section (a guy like me is all about looking at stats over time with plenty of visualizations. The current version of the blog stats page is nice, but lacking to me. What if I am held at gunpoint and have to tell my assailant how many views I had on May 26th, 2006? Pow, bullet to the head. Then my blog won’t continue, and people will be sad. Or something. [Did I just pull a Scoble? {Scoble is an alright guy in my book! Just a bit of an egoblogger}])

Staying up a little later than usual tonight, since I can wake at 9am instead of 7am. Yay! I deserve it too, after fixing both broken toilets in the house (pressurized system was easy to fix, regular clog downstairs took forever). And that’s how Halloween was saved 😀


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