October 9, 2007

Passed my first two exams, both with grades I’m happy (not ecstatic [WOTD btw]) about. Passed my structures exam with a B. Was really shooting for an A, and I was almost sure I had it, and I would have. Except…I completely forgot the final step to a column design question (had Fa, needed to do P=Fa*Ag) and selected the wrong axis when finding the slenderness ratio of a built up column (chose Ix, needed to choose Iy, and knew I was doing something wrong when I chose it but didn’t realize until I handed the exam in). All in all, I’m not disappointed about it, I just wish I would have gotten those simple things down like I wanted to.

Equipment Management exam was a B-, which I’m not happy with (contradicting my first statement, but only halfheartedly contradicting), but considering I didn’t have time to complete one entire page, and that it sounds like there were other folks in the same boat, I can deal. Had I finished that page, I would have had an A easily. I literally needed only five extra minutes to do it.

Added supports to my loft, I can now sleep on it comfortably, but for ease I am sleeping on the floor tonight. Had really funky dreams about it falling apart both nights I slept on it (lucid dreams with external factors [car horns, conversations outside your room, etc] do not a restorative sleep make).


  • Wake up at 7:30 for my 8:30 running class
  • Go to my last fly-fishing class at 10:00
  • Get back home at noon, throw on some chicken to simmer, hop in the shower, get out of shower, finish chicken with some teriyaki, mozzarella and pineapple, and make me a melt
  • Do a construction case study that was technically due yesterday but because the book was on a 24 hour course reserve in the library, folks abused it and took it home. New due date is Wednesday
  • Go to Construction Project Management lab at 2:00pm. Sim subcontract negotiations
  • Come back, do Structures and Equip. Mgmt. homework for Wednesday. Quick study for CPM exam on Wednesday
  • Bust chops to get 2 more IME posters made, plus brochures. Using Photoshop and Illustrator as I usually would is proving to be slow work with such an old computer, but the results are amazing. I’m truly proud of the business cards (a bit template-y) and posters (100% original design, baby!) I have cranked out so far.
  • Sometime in the evening, teleconference with Flock folk. Typically just the interns plus Mike and Evan, supposedly have Clayton joining in for a 1.0 previewcast thingamajigger (already have 1.0pre, trying to dogfood it on this machine doesn’t work)
  • Do a bit of Flock work perhaps. Been bad this week and last due to school.
  • Clean room, build shelves
  • Beat Phantom Hourglass (on last dungeon [I think?])

For those wondering, my new computer parts still have not been ordered. Hopefully this week? Please?

Looking for a phone call or email to tell me something good today. I practically NEED it to be positive.

Craving either Sonic burger with a limeade or a Chic-Fil-A 20 pc. nugget pack, plus fries, plus original chicken sandwich, plus lemonade, plus a happy meal from my childhood (Adventures in Oddesey tapes were the best!). Thinking…screw Sonic, give me my youthmeal!

Lackey 4.1 taking over, better than Lackey 3.2


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