October 13, 2007

Some notes…

First off, Jill was here. Now she is not. She just took off from CMX airport just north of Hancock, MI. We had a great weekend, realized that before the wedding party we had 244 people as guests (both of us with exactly 122, with 42 family members on each side, how odd a coincidence!), went and watched an awesome hockey game (MTU lost to NMU 2-3, one goal should NOT have counted for NMU because the winger was in the crease for a good 5 seconds just camping and messing with the goalie) and had an amazing steak dinner prepared by moi (steak, shrimp, mashed potatoes and champagne!).

What I don’t think I have mentioned is that last Tuesday (the 9th) was our 7 year anniversary as a couple. It seems so odd, many people don’t even know each other that long before they get hitched and then subsequently get divorced.  One third of my life has been with her, and the ratio keeps getting better!

What sucks about Jill leaving today is that I must return to regular work. I’ve got a ton (read two classes worth) of homework, plus a ton (read 2.5 weeks worth) of Flock work to catch up on. It’s worth it. However, preempting all of this lies my car. The 3000 mile interval between oil changes has shrunk down to about 2800 by the time the oil dummy light comes on. Put in some cleaner additives to the gas designed for high-mileage cars (engine has about 125,000 on it, transmission has double that I believe) and I’m about to clean out the garage in a minute so I can pull the car in and change out the oil (again with some cleaning/restorative additive in it). Probably really need to check spark plugs as well, since they haven’t been changed in who knows how long (not that they would be the problem, but they really do need a fresh set).

Also sucks about Jill leaving today: solar storm. Apparently it’s a bit of a larger one that could spell out auroras for us tonight (it’s the first day/night where we aren’t covered in rain clouds in a week). I was really hoping that the storm would hit last night and that it would be clear, but neither case was true.

Tonight might be better, though, so I will try to get out and photograph the auroras (should they occur and should I get one of my cameras working [neither works at the moment, need to tear my A70 apart and see what’s up]).

In a wanderlust mindset. Probably gonna hit the road in two weeks to see Jill, but also (primarily?)  just to travel the UP in the fall.


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