Oh the things you will see, and subsequently get sick off of

October 16, 2007

I really feel odd. Stuffed up, headachey, sore throat, all that jazz. Almost like the flu, but nicer. Like if the flu was on Prozac. Would love to take some Dayquil (Nyquil gets me drunker than a bottle of Jack, and it lasts all day for me, therefore I do not take it), but the cough drops will have to suffice.

I’m ready to fall asleep like it was the weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t do that until, well, the weekend.

Typical Wednesday schedule for me tomorrow, with some Flock work thrown in again like a while back.

Put up a shelf and lighting in my loft. Totally rockin with it.  I’ll put up pictures sometime soon. It’s my little cave, and it is perfect for playing guitar, studying, or sleeping.


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