October 20, 2007

Flock 1.0rc3 is out, and you should definitely check it out. The amount of refining that has been put in and the cool new People sidebar is enough to get me to use it as my browser of choice, even though my backup computer is slow as grass growing.

Anyways, I’m doing alright. I’ve been told by several people that I have been especially happy and chipper the past week or so, and I can only contribute that to Jill’s visit. I’ll be doing homework and Flock work on Sunday, and tomorrow I’m going to try to take a bunch of pictures of the fall colors and rainy, misty weather that has persisted for weeks here. I already have some up on my Flickr account.

Gonna shave (getting a bit too itchy for my liking, and wouldn’t mind looking cleanshaven for a while) and head to bed. Won’t wake up until I wake up, and I have been looking  forward to this all week.

Next Friday I am heading down to Midland for the weekend. I am looking forward to the trip immensely. Travelling the UP is and has been my favorite aspect of the entire Michigan Tech experience. It is ALWAYS beautiful, abandoned, untouched, and simply amazing. Awesome in the true sense of the word. Inspires awe. Just thinking about it will always put me in a hopeful-romantic mood.


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