October 22, 2007

I can’t figure out why the boiler hasn’t kicked on and the radiators started radiating heat and all, and I’m not a fan of the cold right now. It’s keeping me up to some extent.

Still waiting to hear what the deal is with the F1 racing series. I’m too tired to explain the situation right now. Tomorrow evening…

Been looking in to pricing out diesel trucks to replace my car eventually. The general idea that is coming up is “LULZ! You won’t have that much money for quite some time!” Used isn’t much better. Diesel is just expensive to begin with, but puts out more power, is cleaner, gets better mileage, can run on darn near anything combustible, and it’s just much more of a man truck. The sound of a diesel is awesome, no contention.


  • Monday: Class, lunch, homework, Flock work, class, meeting, Bible study, homework, Flock work
  • Tuesday: Terex plant trip in Baraga in the early morning, Flock work in the noonish time, lab in the afternoon, hopefully guitar time in the evening on? Here’s hoping to no homework
  • Wednesday: Much like Monday, without the meetings
  • Thursday: Catch up on sleep day? IME meeting at noon, but nothing other than that, so homework and Flock work, and guitar afterwards. Also, got to clean out my car and pack up my bags because…
  • Friday: Probably going to be a “work day” for two of my classes, meaning class at 10am and 3pm. After my 3pm class, I’m outtahere! Next stop: the entire length of the Upper Peninsula for a wonderful fall drive into the night and into the arms of my lady!
  • Saturday: I guess we’re doing some tux thing in Midland? Sure, why not? Also, watching college football and taking some pictures. Typical Michigan fall weekend I suppose.
  • Sunday: Possibly church with Jill, maybe just getting my butt back in to the Yoop to to get homework done. Definitely have to be back by 10pm to register for my final semester of classes at that time. Gonna try to stop at the Cross in the Woods this time. I really want to see it.

And that’s that. Good night ladies!


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