October 25, 2007

It snowed today. Just light flurries and it never really actually got below freezing, but it was our first true snow. Right now it is a balmy 29F (at least it will feel balmy in about a month). I love this weather. It is the perfect late fall night.

I am indeed up at 3am, and I am about to head to bed. I don’t have anything until 12pm tomorrow afternoon, so I am relishing my new computer (that’s right, dill relish, all over the mobo!). I have most things that I need installed on it, and I need to get just a few more applications (Cubase and Adobe CS2 Suite) on it to be good to go. The only thing I would like more on my computer is a nice 500gb SATA drive, instead of my 200gb IDE drive. For the first time in what seems like forever (really, just 2 months) I am gaming on a computer again. Awesome.

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