I am blogging from Opera on my Wii, mainly because I have no functional computer at the moment, but also because I want to do so to say I did. I hopefully have a video card in the mail my way and will have a computer again next week, but for now I am fine going unplugged (partially) for a while.

Using a Sun keyboard to type this and I dont care for it. The backspace key is placed too low and the caps and ctrl keys are switched, not cool.
After I finish this I’m going to do a short workout of ab and pushup-style exercises. I’m about 20lbs too heavy for what I could be, and at least 10 for what I should be. And it shows now, so I’m going to work it off.
Day today is kinda stressful: class from 9-11am, Flock work from 11-1:30, prepping for my presentation at 2 at 1:30, then class from 2-4. Got meeting at 6, and hopefully I can swing home before that to see if my paycheck came and if so go pay some bills. And eat. I need some peanut butter and some pickles.
Already missing Jill, but the snow that has fallen takes my mind off of her occasionally. Should be getting “3-5 inches overnight” which I hope is true, but I have come to take this as meaning “1 inch if you’re lucky”
Developing a workout routine and a design project for Structures. Woohoo…my lungs hurt.

RAT Race

November 26, 2007

I am the device manager (basically project manager) for a device called the RAT (Roadbed Assessment Transmitter) for my enterprise program at MTU (Integrated Microsystems Enterprise, or IME). The device has been in concept for FAR too long, and this weekend we are getting it tested for proof of concept so that we can move on to the next step in the product’s lifecycle. Basically, we are reducing components on board and increasing the device’s scope, and in doing so increasing the project’s scope. I’ve got to write up my recommendations formally for the project sometime soon, and it is a pretty cool future that I foresee for the RAT (which I want to rename the ESP/Psychic for a few reasons). That’s about all I can tell you without leaking too much (the EE enterprises on campus are a bit hypercompetitive…)

Tangential: I need to really up my Flock output (I’m pretty sure that my bosses would agree), and it seems like a constant regret/remorse/guilt hanging over me. I have most everything taken care of for this week school-wise (at least at this point in the week), so I’m going to try to get some done today. Hopefully I can get 4ish hours in today, and about the same on Wednesday. My only problem is that I have no video card in my computer (getting replaced with a working one this time [I hope!]) so I am stuck in the labs until my new one arrives.

Aside: got car issues. Front left wheel bearing going out, front left fender very loose, and my engine might actually be going for good (though I hope [and logically deduce] that the knocking is actually my fender slapping the body when loaded).

Listening to Weezer/Ozma/Ryan Adams/Switchfoot and Flocking out for the next three hours.

Weeks and Weaks

November 23, 2007

I’m tired, I have a nasty, persistent cold that just won’t go away (it seems to be playing ping-pong between Jill and I), and I have to do a nice long Equipment Management assignment when I wake up (while Jill studies for her exam on Monday in Mental Health). All that aside, I’m freakin fantastic.

Jill and I got a decent amount of things done this week (including me going through a fair amount of money for food, tea and sushi) and got our engagement photos taken (the poses we were in were good, let’s see if we look normal or fake). Not only that, but we got to go to Frankenmuth, MI for our tradition of visiting Bronner’s Christmas Store and the Bavarian Inn for dinner. It was awesome. We even stopped at the Cheese Haus and got some awesome crackers and cheese, and a mini bottle of wine. Some lady took our picture for us while we were waiting for our reservation, and it did not turn out to be a good one at all. Far too blurry to post, and even then, we both were in the worst part of our colds that night to look good in just about any picture.

I will say this, it is always fun to do this every year around Thanksgiving. Who cares about the traffic (which was backed up bumper to bumper for 5 miles for 35 minutes because of either a stalled out vehicle or random drunk driving checks or, more likely, the ridiculous rain/snow mixture that was falling as thousands of cars rushed to visit their respective families in time for the holiday the following day), it’s just more time I got to be with Jill in the car, listening to A Prairie Home Christmas by Garrison Keillor (whoa, his name is actually spelled right according to Flock/FF built in spellcheck)

Looking forward to getting this semester done. It’s been far too busy for my liking. I also just can’t wait for next semester to be done.

Which reminds me, I need to learn how to bake breads, cakes, cookies and pies from scratch. I have a scheme…


November 20, 2007

I’ve been waiting for the show Californication to be hit by the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s lawyers, and now it has. The show itself is crap, and it flagrantly steals lines and themes from RHCP songs without any real credit, then when charged claim that it is in “tribute.” Bull crap. Open and shut case for the Peppers I hope.

Pretty Funny

November 19, 2007

I find it funny that people think I go all crazy depressed lately (revelations gleaned through conversation through third parties to the supposed “conflict”). There have only been two outbursts (and they were pretty visible) this semester. However, I have locked myself in my room for long periods of time on quite a few occasions this year.

Reasoning? I’m studying like mad. Doing homework. Making sure things get done on time. Planning out projects. Searching for apartments or houses for the summer. Searching for a job.

This tires me out to no end. As a result, I don’t want to really talk or anything, and I do look pretty mopey and act kinda antisocial. By no means is this me being depressed; simply worn out. So far it seems to be working because (as far as I can tell) I am doing well in my classes for this semester. I do not slam my head in the freezer or anything, I opened the freezer and stuck my head in there because I had a massive migraine and the door happened to swing shut on me. Occasionally I’ll slam my door when I get fed up with a problem I cannot figure out. And, on some days I just want to be pissed off because of something a prof did, or because of just bad weather.

One of the major issues this semester has been my weather headaches. I have put on a fair amount of weight (10ish pounds or so) since the semester began, and I believe that this is affecting my headaches more. I used to just call them bad sinus headaches until this summer. They have turned in to full, stomach wrenching migraines that incapacitate me for the whole day. Unfortunately, I’m really trying to do the whole “good student” thing and get everything done and turned in on time, so I have had to work through these migraines when I would have rather hurled and gone to bed. UP weather being as it is, the headaches happen on a much greater frequency than, say, KC weather would cause.

So no, I’m not depressed. I’ve been pretty content this entire semester. Not one extended (2+ days) depression bout at all. Things between Jill and I are fine; we got over a problem in our relationship that we have had for 5 years now, and we are getting wedding planning done (oh yeah, put another mark in the “reasons I lock myself in my room” column).

I’m not trying to say I’m not a little bit unstable emotionally: my mental state swings more than Cab Calloway at the Sunset Cafe. I’m just trying to let you guys know that this isn’t my main issue this semester like it was last Spring semester and I definitely have steps to keep it under control this time around (unlike last, where I just let it consume everything).
So folks who live with me, Lew, Didur, Lee, Robert, Solo, Nate, Soap, Putz, Jodi, and anybody else who has thought I needed psychiatric help (which I have gotten, thankyaverymuch), don’t worry. It’s just a case of the 17 credit gotta plan a wedding and plan a life and I could really use some headache powder and still have a normal mental state senior ballad.

Don’t Buy It

November 16, 2007

OK, so Barry Bonds has been hit with a bunch of accusations lately about lying about steroid use to the court. What this means is that a ton of people are happy because they get to see him “taken down a notch” or something to that extent. Here’s the thing, the dude never tested positive. Point number two, throughout his entire career he has been an amazing batter. So this could mean that he used steroids his entire career, but really I think he’s just a great player who may or may not have gotten caught up in what all the great hitters today do. To ban the use of steroids in baseball is like banning baseball players themselves. Baseball used to be so much more than it is today, and yeah, steroid use killed that beast long ago, but I think this is a mere witchhunt. Any top batter is going to get accused of steroid use; baseless fingerpointing or not.

I like hockey.

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Ready to jet

November 15, 2007

I’m ready to get out of here. Heading out Friday at 2pm-ish, who knows when I’ll get in based on traffic.

Totally hoping that Wells Fargo didn’t screw me over like I think they did. Looking at my account today to find I’m 10 bucks overdrawn. I think to myself “Heys yous! What is goin on here? You haven’t used your card in a while, so why do you have a -$10.18 balance?”

Here’s why: When I cashed a check the other day, not only did they hand me straight cash, they also took the amount out of my account.

Let me repeat that…

When I CASHED a check the other day, not only did they hand me straight cash, they also TOOK THE AMOUNT OUT OF MY ACCOUNT.

Really? Seriously?

I am not paying any fees they try to impose on this. Hopefully when I go check out what the deal is they just say “Oops, sorry about that.” I really don’t want to actually have a problem that I have to argue to a teller. I dislike actual confrontation to the point that I let myself get cheated out of some thing occasionally. I really don’t mind.

It should work itself out anyway.

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G-O-L! G-O-L!

November 14, 2007

Yup. Little Lackey defenseman scored a goal. My first ever goal in any truly competitive soccer game I have ever played. It was kinda junky because I just shot it off the tips of my toes on my left (read: bad) foot. But luckily for me because I hit the ball with my tip-toes the ball took on a ridiculously erratic spin, trickling and traipsing across the hardwood floor and bounced up and into the goalie’s hands. Yeah, in to his hands. And then out. The spin was uncontrollable and I tied the game up! And then later we lost it. 3-2. To our credit we were playing without our star goalie who can block everything (but Lew was definitely better than any of the rest of us would be). To their credit, they were down a man 5-4.

I was playing well, but slow. See, I made my ridiculous chili earlier, and it was tasty. So I had three bowls. Of which, probably half came up during the game (I subbed out so I could run to the bathroom). I was happy with my ball control (10x better since the first game, and not just on my end; everyone was controlling and passing better) but I just simply left too many get away because my stomach was killing me. I picked it up after letting my stomach express its true feelings, but it was a bit too little too late.

Got my Carhartt, it is awesome. It’s a bit too big, but good. And it needs to be loosened up and broken in.

Also got my Tourniquet CD in. “Where Moth and Rust Destroy”. Listened to it through a few times today. Very diverse for the genre. Unfortunately, they aren’t the easiest band to track down (haven’t really checked iTunes or the Zune store for them though).

Wednesday: get up, go to the gym, come back, shower, go to class, get back, Flock it up (looked through the feedback today to get an idea of what the main issues were), go to class, get back, rock it up, sleep it up.

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November 13, 2007

Not the sleep-madness Lackey style cleaning yet. I’m just going over what needs to be done so I can leave on Friday.

  • Clean out my room of all junk and the like
  • Clean up the room in general
  • Clean out my car
  • Figure out if it’s worth doing laundry here or waiting and doing it at Jill’s
  • Vacuum out car
  • Sort through notes and homework to see what I need to take with me

Thinking about stopping and getting some local smoked fish and pasties Friday on the trip.

Excited for the UPS truck tomorrow; I get my first new coat (a nice Carhartt) since freshman year of highschool! I’m hoping it is nice and warm.

Exams…well, they happened. No clue how I’ll come out but my mental state is a bit clearer now. Need a good 24 hour period to reboot in to non-panic mode.

RMA-ing my video card sometime soon. It be jacked up.

Falling asleep to the Food Network. I’m so freaking hungry now.

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Woe to Omnislash

November 11, 2007

Woe be to my computer, my Omnislash. Woe to the hard/software that cannot seem to be satiated to please the gaming lords and ladies.

I have installed Windows XP about 5 different times in the past 24 hours (no big deal because I have been studying, so it doesn’t really take up any part of my day), and each time I run in to a different issue, but primarily updating to SP2 seems to corrupt my install (upgrade fails, rollback doesn’t do a good job of rolling back and screws the install in to the ground). Finally went to the “Spawn of Satan” version of WinXP we have floating around the house and (since it has SP2 rolled in to it already) it seems to be doing well. The Realtek audio card seems to be a bit off this time but that could just simply be the way I installed the drivers. Gonna redo the drivers real quick tomorrow to clear that up and then not mess with anything.

I know…”Why not Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSe, Vista, etc.” I like XP, that’s why. I have all my software already, and I can deploy it all in a matter of 2 hours off a fresh install if that is all I do. I know how to use the software, and I can use it all well (to the extent that I know, my CAD skills, for a construction manager, suck). I’m tempted to get Vista and see if that actually works out for me, because my computer could easily run it well.

Oh, and I didn’t just install one version of Windows 5 times…

  1. My WinXP Home Upgrade #1
  2. My WinXP Home Upgrade #2
  3. Lew’s WinXP Pro disk
  4. My WinXP Pro Corporate SP2 Polish Disk (yeah, doesn’t everybody have one of them?)
  5. Finally, the WinXP Pro Corp “Spawn of Satan” Build 0 SP2 disk.

Ran Memtest86+ all night several times. Ran Spinrite. Neither seemed to pickup any error. Going to see if I can run diagnostics on my sound card next, though I still hold that the video card is at fault.

It is 4am, I am nervous about my exams, and I need to get to sleep. However, I am fantasizing about Thanksgiving food (watching the Food Network does that to a man…) and getting stuff set on my computer. Doesn’t quite look like I’ll make it to church in the morning.

Grabbing a bedtime piece of pumpkin pie and getting to sleep fo sho.

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