Babies with Tails

November 4, 2007

My (now) lone female guppy had babies about three weeks ago, which is nice. She had been pregnant for the longest time and just simply wouldn’t give birth. Finally, the heat in the house kicked in, raising the ambient temperature which let the water get warm enough for her to birth.

Everyone was oohing and ahhing at the babies. I didn’t take them out or anything, but just let them chill in there amongst the plants. There were 11 babies to start, today there is only one remaining from that birthing.

However, today there are now about 12 more little guppies swimming around behind the rocks and plants. I am thinking that I shouldn’t add any water or do any water changes this time around, as I am relatively certain that ultimately killed the baby fish. Also, I think that oxygenating the water by having the filter splash down in the low water helps substantially.

Going to be doing some aquascaping and homework when I wake up. Hooray…?

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