In Michigan There Are No Jobs, Only Beauty and Broken Homes

November 8, 2007

I have been searching intensely all day for jobs to go after as a career. After searching the Tech erecruiting and going through about 235 jobs that I am unqualified for, I started scouring newspapers. As I have been told by several people (Jill, Mike, my dad, among others) I might not meet the qualifications but could still get the job. While this is reassuring to some extent, the majority of these jobs are for positions that truly sound like they need 8+ years experience or degrees that I do not have. I think I found one job that would be awesome and I could do (basically a full time graphic design job for an engineering firm, using Photoshop) but it is a temp job in the end and they aren’t accepting applications anymore. The other job was for an estimator, which I could do as well, but they needed the position filled immediately. No good.

It isn’t depressing me so much as getting my brain fried on a daily basis. All of my dreams are lucid again, and I’ve gone back to grinding my teeth at night; both sure signs of underlying stress to me. Funny enough, the way to unstress myself as of late is just to sleep. Sleeping just shuts me down, so I don’t think about anything.

Guitar has also been getting me through the situation. I’m going through Iron & Wine’s stuff and learning to play songs. The only thing I have actually been able to learn is Naked As We Came (because it is the only one I have attempted to learn).

Sipping on my new favorite tea: Lapsang souchong. It’s a very smoky, amazing tea. Go grab some if you can find it.

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