November 8, 2007

My moolah supply is dwindling down. I’ve got two bills I need to pay on Friday as well as purchasing about 40 bucks worth of pizza for a meeting here in an hour. Add in the costs of getting to and from Midland, and from getting to Midland to going to Frankenmuth for our annual trip to Bronner’s for Christmas ornament shopping and a dinner at the Bavarian Inn. I might even take Jill for a horse drawn tour of the city. It’s a tradition my parents started for our family in 1996 when we first lived in Michigan and since they have moved on to other cities, Jill and I have been keeping the tradition alive (because it is one that is very special to me, Frankenmuth in the snow and cold at night is magical!)

Then I got a hankering to support the music industry by purchasing a semi-obscure band’s album (Tourniquet’s “Where Moth and Rust Destroy”) because it’s a great album that kept the Biloxi drivers up on the trip.

On top of that, Super Mario Galaxy comes out on Monday! I really want it (looks to be THE Wii game), but I guess it will either have to wait or be a Christmas present (hint hint Jill 😉 ).

I do have enough money to do all of these things if my paycheck makes it in by next Friday (Thursday hopefully).

Oh, and Christmas shopping. Got to do that soon as well.

Once this Monday passes, I will be a much less stressed person. I have an exam (or equivalent) in all four of my classes that day. 9am: Structures (the one I am worried about). 10am: Safety management. 2pm: Equipment management (also worried about). 3pm: Project management (need to do well, but not terribly worried about). I haven’t really stressed it but it is imperative that I do well this semester (all B’s and above, preferably A’s)

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