Woe to Omnislash

November 11, 2007

Woe be to my computer, my Omnislash. Woe to the hard/software that cannot seem to be satiated to please the gaming lords and ladies.

I have installed Windows XP about 5 different times in the past 24 hours (no big deal because I have been studying, so it doesn’t really take up any part of my day), and each time I run in to a different issue, but primarily updating to SP2 seems to corrupt my install (upgrade fails, rollback doesn’t do a good job of rolling back and screws the install in to the ground). Finally went to the “Spawn of Satan” version of WinXP we have floating around the house and (since it has SP2 rolled in to it already) it seems to be doing well. The Realtek audio card seems to be a bit off this time but that could just simply be the way I installed the drivers. Gonna redo the drivers real quick tomorrow to clear that up and then not mess with anything.

I know…”Why not Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSe, Vista, etc.” I like XP, that’s why. I have all my software already, and I can deploy it all in a matter of 2 hours off a fresh install if that is all I do. I know how to use the software, and I can use it all well (to the extent that I know, my CAD skills, for a construction manager, suck). I’m tempted to get Vista and see if that actually works out for me, because my computer could easily run it well.

Oh, and I didn’t just install one version of Windows 5 times…

  1. My WinXP Home Upgrade #1
  2. My WinXP Home Upgrade #2
  3. Lew’s WinXP Pro disk
  4. My WinXP Pro Corporate SP2 Polish Disk (yeah, doesn’t everybody have one of them?)
  5. Finally, the WinXP Pro Corp “Spawn of Satan” Build 0 SP2 disk.

Ran Memtest86+ all night several times. Ran Spinrite. Neither seemed to pickup any error. Going to see if I can run diagnostics on my sound card next, though I still hold that the video card is at fault.

It is 4am, I am nervous about my exams, and I need to get to sleep. However, I am fantasizing about Thanksgiving food (watching the Food Network does that to a man…) and getting stuff set on my computer. Doesn’t quite look like I’ll make it to church in the morning.

Grabbing a bedtime piece of pumpkin pie and getting to sleep fo sho.

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