November 13, 2007

Not the sleep-madness Lackey style cleaning yet. I’m just going over what needs to be done so I can leave on Friday.

  • Clean out my room of all junk and the like
  • Clean up the room in general
  • Clean out my car
  • Figure out if it’s worth doing laundry here or waiting and doing it at Jill’s
  • Vacuum out car
  • Sort through notes and homework to see what I need to take with me

Thinking about stopping and getting some local smoked fish and pasties Friday on the trip.

Excited for the UPS truck tomorrow; I get my first new coat (a nice Carhartt) since freshman year of highschool! I’m hoping it is nice and warm.

Exams…well, they happened. No clue how I’ll come out but my mental state is a bit clearer now. Need a good 24 hour period to reboot in to non-panic mode.

RMA-ing my video card sometime soon. It be jacked up.

Falling asleep to the Food Network. I’m so freaking hungry now.

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