G-O-L! G-O-L!

November 14, 2007

Yup. Little Lackey defenseman scored a goal. My first ever goal in any truly competitive soccer game I have ever played. It was kinda junky because I just shot it off the tips of my toes on my left (read: bad) foot. But luckily for me because I hit the ball with my tip-toes the ball took on a ridiculously erratic spin, trickling and traipsing across the hardwood floor and bounced up and into the goalie’s hands. Yeah, in to his hands. And then out. The spin was uncontrollable and I tied the game up! And then later we lost it. 3-2. To our credit we were playing without our star goalie who can block everything (but Lew was definitely better than any of the rest of us would be). To their credit, they were down a man 5-4.

I was playing well, but slow. See, I made my ridiculous chili earlier, and it was tasty. So I had three bowls. Of which, probably half came up during the game (I subbed out so I could run to the bathroom). I was happy with my ball control (10x better since the first game, and not just on my end; everyone was controlling and passing better) but I just simply left too many get away because my stomach was killing me. I picked it up after letting my stomach express its true feelings, but it was a bit too little too late.

Got my Carhartt, it is awesome. It’s a bit too big, but good. And it needs to be loosened up and broken in.

Also got my Tourniquet CD in. “Where Moth and Rust Destroy”. Listened to it through a few times today. Very diverse for the genre. Unfortunately, they aren’t the easiest band to track down (haven’t really checked iTunes or the Zune store for them though).

Wednesday: get up, go to the gym, come back, shower, go to class, get back, Flock it up (looked through the feedback today to get an idea of what the main issues were), go to class, get back, rock it up, sleep it up.

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