Don’t Buy It

November 16, 2007

OK, so Barry Bonds has been hit with a bunch of accusations lately about lying about steroid use to the court. What this means is that a ton of people are happy because they get to see him “taken down a notch” or something to that extent. Here’s the thing, the dude never tested positive. Point number two, throughout his entire career he has been an amazing batter. So this could mean that he used steroids his entire career, but really I think he’s just a great player who may or may not have gotten caught up in what all the great hitters today do. To ban the use of steroids in baseball is like banning baseball players themselves. Baseball used to be so much more than it is today, and yeah, steroid use killed that beast long ago, but I think this is a mere witchhunt. Any top batter is going to get accused of steroid use; baseless fingerpointing or not.

I like hockey.

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