RAT Race

November 26, 2007

I am the device manager (basically project manager) for a device called the RAT (Roadbed Assessment Transmitter) for my enterprise program at MTU (Integrated Microsystems Enterprise, or IME). The device has been in concept for FAR too long, and this weekend we are getting it tested for proof of concept so that we can move on to the next step in the product’s lifecycle. Basically, we are reducing components on board and increasing the device’s scope, and in doing so increasing the project’s scope. I’ve got to write up my recommendations formally for the project sometime soon, and it is a pretty cool future that I foresee for the RAT (which I want to rename the ESP/Psychic for a few reasons). That’s about all I can tell you without leaking too much (the EE enterprises on campus are a bit hypercompetitive…)

Tangential: I need to really up my Flock output (I’m pretty sure that my bosses would agree), and it seems like a constant regret/remorse/guilt hanging over me. I have most everything taken care of for this week school-wise (at least at this point in the week), so I’m going to try to get some done today. Hopefully I can get 4ish hours in today, and about the same on Wednesday. My only problem is that I have no video card in my computer (getting replaced with a working one this time [I hope!]) so I am stuck in the labs until my new one arrives.

Aside: got car issues. Front left wheel bearing going out, front left fender very loose, and my engine might actually be going for good (though I hope [and logically deduce] that the knocking is actually my fender slapping the body when loaded).

Listening to Weezer/Ozma/Ryan Adams/Switchfoot and Flocking out for the next three hours.