I am blogging from Opera on my Wii, mainly because I have no functional computer at the moment, but also because I want to do so to say I did. I hopefully have a video card in the mail my way and will have a computer again next week, but for now I am fine going unplugged (partially) for a while.

Using a Sun keyboard to type this and I dont care for it. The backspace key is placed too low and the caps and ctrl keys are switched, not cool.
After I finish this I’m going to do a short workout of ab and pushup-style exercises. I’m about 20lbs too heavy for what I could be, and at least 10 for what I should be. And it shows now, so I’m going to work it off.
Day today is kinda stressful: class from 9-11am, Flock work from 11-1:30, prepping for my presentation at 2 at 1:30, then class from 2-4. Got meeting at 6, and hopefully I can swing home before that to see if my paycheck came and if so go pay some bills. And eat. I need some peanut butter and some pickles.
Already missing Jill, but the snow that has fallen takes my mind off of her occasionally. Should be getting “3-5 inches overnight” which I hope is true, but I have come to take this as meaning “1 inch if you’re lucky”
Developing a workout routine and a design project for Structures. Woohoo…my lungs hurt.