Searching Da Engines

December 7, 2007

Do a Google search on “Say Ya To Da U.P.” Go ahead. Click the link and all.

Now note the number three link. That’s me! Note the number four link. That’s the actual motto website!

Now search for Jack Thompson Sucks. Again, I show up pretty high in the list.

This just seems ridiculous to me. I like it but now I wish folks would migrate over to this blog now that I update it more often. The reading rate is going up steadily (I kinda wonder who reads it?) but it’s nowhere near what is like. And my food blog (which I try to keep updated lately, with two new recipes up this past week) is even going up in views.

It’s kinda egoblogging. But heck, I see it happen all the time; the difference is that some folks find it to be a source of authority (I AM INTERNET FAMOUS!) or they use it to actually get their voice out and let folks know how they feel. I look at Chris Messina’s blog as a prime example of the latter. Look at the amount of links to other articles and sources going out from his latest post (which I picked, due to the fact that I actually agree with him [a rarity!] and that it covers Flock a wee bit). Messina has advanced himself in a number of ways, and I have to surmise that his blog plays a part in it (to say nothing of his ideas on advancing technology).

So, let’s see what this blog turns into now that it is my primary. Technorati only gives me two authority, but that’s fine with me. I’m sure it will go up in some time.

We played the women’s club soccer team tonight in IM soccer, Last year we went in to a ridiculous shootout with them, and then, after 15 or some odd shots from both side failed to go in, went in to sudden death. I got kicked in the shin as the girl kicked the ball, and it deflected just right to get past SpiderBrad, our superheroesque goalie.

Tonight was different! I did not lose us the game. I didn’t win it either. But we all played amazing, and we has so many many many shots on goal. We shut them down defensively, but in the end we just couldn’t get lucky for 30 minutes. Ended in a 0-0 tie. I am a bit winded, but I feel great.

Tried to work on the Structures final project, but both me and Kevin, who are bouncing problems off each other, absolutely fall short when it comes to starting out a truss frame like the one given to us. Once we get started I think everything will go smooth, but that first bay of the truss is proving to be a white whale. For the record, we are using different bay heights so that we can’t copy each other’s work (I’m using 4′ and he 5′). I really wish I had gone with a height of 4’6″, because that would have squared everything out.

So my weekend is basically devoted to finishing that up. Just getting all of the truss members accounted for would be about 60% of the work done off the bat. Sean, a mechanical engineering buddy, swang by to try to show us how to do it, and I got it for a short time, and then it just confused me a ton.

Got a presentation in class tomorrow at 10, then homework to hand in at noon class since I was sick the past two days. After that, I’m coming back, working on the project some more, installing my video card (which SHOULD be here tomorrow) and checking internet resources to figure out my truss conundrum. Sometime in there I also have to hit up the gym (it’s cardio day for me tomorrow, for Lee and Solo its cardio and legs) and maybe make it out to the ski hill for their opening (free day of snowboarding, just have to bring in a non-perishable food item for a food drive to pay the price).
Sleep comes shortly.